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BookFuel Marketing is an all-inclusive marketing solution for the indie author who strives to increase their social following, build an author brand, and ultimately sell more copies of their book.
Originally, when BookFuel was founded, we solely worked with authors who wanted to self-publish their book and retain 100% of the rights and net profits… but these authors wanted to handle their marketing effort on their own.
These authors were very successful, but as BookFuel continued to grow, we started receiving many requests from authors who wanted us to help with with their marketing effort.
Thus BookFuel Marketing was born.
We have personally built our own Facebook, Twitter following to 89,000+ followers… and we did this through a variety of social media growth techniques.
With BookFuel’s marketing services, we teach you the EXACT same techniques we used to build our following, so that you can start growing your author brand FAST!
You have already written an amazing book, but if no one knows who you are or that your book even exists… then you will not sell many copies of your book.
Building a social media following of your ideal readers is the best and most effective way of building your author brand so that readers everywhere start to recognize YOU as an authority in the publishing world.
Fill out the information below and get started today!